"I love Your First Year of Work - A Survival Guide. Every college and university should have this book, in numbers, in their libraries, bookstores, and Career Centres.” - Prof Jonathan Jansen, Rector UFS


Your First Year of Varsity/College - Coming soon!

In 2013 it was reported that between 15 and 20 percent of new students fail to pass or complete their first year (Department of Higher Education and Training’s annual statistical report). Reasons include:

·         Financial constraints affecting: nutrition, accommodation, transport, learning materials and clothing

·         School education and pass rates insufficient for success in tertiary education

·         Academic staff often not qualified teachers

·         Learning areas not matched to students' skills

·         Changing of courses midstream

·         Lack of knowledge of existing services and counselling

·         Insufficient knowledge and understanding of the vast cultural and academic divide between high school, and college or university

Your First Year of Varsity/College is addressed directly to Grade 12 learners and first year university and college students, who arrive at their place of higher education filled with hopes, expectations, fears and dreams; yet with little understanding of what this new world means and how to adapt, grow – and graduate.

Your First Year of Varsity/College addresses all the rules, demands, behaviours, skills and cultural shifts that will turn a ‘fresher’ into viable part of higher education life. It is written in plain English and is accessible to anyone who can read a magazine or newspaper. The tone is empathetic, no-nonsense and practical.


Ignorance is not bliss. Being prepared is. 

Due for release second quarter of 2015.

The authors

Shelagh Foster is the author of Your First Year of Work – A Survival Guide (Bookstorm August 2013). She holds countrywide workshops and discussion groups aimed at preparing young people for both further education and work. 

Lehlohonolo Mofokeng holds a BA Hons in Educational Policy (2014)  from USF and was recently awarded a Rhodes Mandela Scholarship. He is a published writer and motivational speaker.