"I love Your First Year of Work - A Survival Guide. Every college and university should have this book, in numbers, in their libraries, bookstores, and Career Centres.” - Prof Jonathan Jansen, Rector UFS



Using Your First Year of Work as a teaching tool (Life Orientation and life skills teachers)

Comprehensive guidelines on understanding and teaching the workplace readiness principles and practices. Includes a certificate of attendance.

Two three-hour sessions.

Communications essentials for teachers/lecturers and administration staff (all schools, colleges and universities)

Creating a communications protocol and style guide based tailored to your establishment's ethos; communications skills guidelines workshops.

Duration depending on requirements.

Ready. Steady. Study. (matric and post matric)

New life skills for newly independent students. Communications skills for university and college; preparing for life in residence; safety on campus; health, wellness, nutrition and sexual responsibility; the basics of academic writing; emotional intelligence; study and exam tips; time management; socialising, networking and making friends.

Intensive three-day workshop.

Workplace practices for scholars (high school pupils and teachers) 

How gaining work-related skills before you start job-seeking will give you the edge.  

45 minute discussion. 

Creating a powerful CV (high schools, Grades 11 and 12) 

Why you need to understand the value of your existing skills, talents and achievements – before you start marketing them.  

1.5 hour workshop.

Self-leadership (high schools, Grades 11 and 12)

Why and how to lead the self before attempting to lead others: making strengths out of weaknesses, starting your path to the future.

45 minute discussion.

The meaning of leadership (high school pupils, teachers, parents)

Lessons from great leaders; the essence of leadership; leadership for all personality types.

45 minute discussion.

Job-seeking essentials (high schools, Grades 11 and 12)
How to start creating a network; the value of earning while learning; how to apply for a job; interview skills.

1.5 hour workshop.

Teach work through play (pre-primary school teachers and parents)
Why instilling a work mindset in children gives them the edge through high school and beyond. How to do it – in a fun way.

1 hour talk and interactive demonstration.

Get ready for work (high school parents and teachers)
Why it’s important to understand the difference between social- and school cultures, and work culture. What you can do now to prepare your child for work.

25 minute talk.

Communicate with clarity (high school parents, teachers and pupils)
How communications technology has liberated the communicator, while dumbing down the actual communications. How to bring back clarity in speech and written form, without crushing the youthful spirit.

45 minute talk.

Can you do what you love for a living? (high school pupils, parents and teachers)
Why it’s as important to as be aware of the future job market as it is to know your skills, talents and desires – before deciding on your next level of education.

25 minute talk.