"I love Your First Year of Work - A Survival Guide. Every college and university should have this book, in numbers, in their libraries, bookstores, and Career Centres.” - Prof Jonathan Jansen, Rector UFS


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Who will benefit from Shelagh Foster's Your first year of work training?



The difference between a scholar who understands what ‘work’ is all about, and a scholar who doesn’t, is that the former will be more likely to understand the importance of: matching his or her skills and talents to the future job market; developing a work ethic while still at school; making wise subject choices; choosing the best future course of study and discovering the power of self-leadership. Who wouldn’t want this for their learners?


Universities and Colleges

The ideal equation is graduates with degrees + vacancies in the job market = jobs for all graduates, but it’s not working that way. Why? Because there’s a vast difference between being educated and being workplace ready – and while employers will naturally offer industry-specific training, they are rarely geared up to guide new joiners through the maze of workplace culture and behaviour.



With the recently announced subsidies and tax incentives for placing matriculants and graduates into the workplace, the pressure is now on for businesses themselves to ensure that young people are able to function in the workplace – from the word go. Do you really want to create an entire new department to perform this role?


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